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Citation Guide

Cite sources, create annotated bibliographies, and avoid plagiarism.

Citing entire books

Books by single authors

Author. (Year). Book title. Publisher. (if given)

Moscatello, C. (2019). See Jane win: The inspiring story of the women changing American politics. Dutton.

Books by two to twenty authors

Authors, separated by commas, an ampersand (&) before last. (Year). Book title. Publisher. (if given)

Rucker, P., & Leonnig, C. (2020). A very stable genius: Donald J. Trump's testing of America. Penguin Press.

Books by organization or corporate authors

Organization or Corporate Name. (Year). Book title. Publisher (if the publisher is the same as the author, omit publisher). (if given)

World Bank. (2011). Gender equality and development.

Books by unknown authors

Book title. (Year). Publisher. (if given)

Nordic tales: Folktales from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark. (2019). Chronicle Books.

Books with editors

Editor Names(s) (Ed.or Eds.). (Year). Book title. Publisher. (if given)

Matsumoto, D., Hwang, H. C., & Frank, M. G. (Eds.). (2016). APA handbook of nonverbal communication. American Psychological Association. 

Editions other than the first

Author(s) or Editor(s). (Year). Book title (Edition description and/or number). Publisher. (if given)

Boucher, D., & Browning, G. K. (2015). The political art of Bob Dylan (Rev. and expanded 2nd ed.). Imprint Academic.

Kimmel, M. S. (2012). Manhood in America: A cultural history (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press.

Edited scholarly and/or republished editions

Author(s). (Year). Book title (Editor Name(s), Ed(s)., Translator(s) Name(s), if any, Trans.). Publisher. (if given) (Original work published Year)

Jung, C. F. (1989). Memories, dreams, reflections (A. Jaffé, Ed., C. Winston & R. Winston, Trans.). Vintage. (Original work published 1962)

Untitled volume (one book) of a multivolume set

Volume Author(s) or Editor(s). (Year). Title of set (Edition, Vol. number). Publisher. (if given)

Guthrie, J. W. (Ed.). (2003). Encyclopedia of education (2nd ed., Vol. 1). Macmillan.

Titled volume (one book) of a multivolume set

Volume Author(s) or Editor(s). (Year). Title of set: Vol. number. Title of volume (Edition). Publisher. (if given)

Derks, S. (2015). Working Americans 1880—2015: Vol. VI. Women at work (2nd ed.). Grey House Publishing.

Citing parts of books

Book sections (entries, chapters, forwards, etc.)

Author(s) of section or entry, if given. (Year). Entry heading, Section title, or Description. In Author(s) or Editor(s), Book title (Edition, Vol. number (if any), p. or pp. pages of section). Publisher. (if given)

Scatology. (2003). In Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary (11th ed., p. 1107). Merriam-Webster.

Shuman, R. B. (2017). The Indian Ocean tsunami. In R. S. Carmichael (Ed.), Notable natural disasters (2nd ed., Vol. 3, pp. 974-80). Salem Press.

Section of a titled volume of a multivolume set

Section Author(s), if given. (Year). Title of section. In volume editor(s), Ed(s)., Title of set: Vol. number. Title of volume (Edition (if any), p or pp. page(s)). Publisher. (if given) 

Umberger, L. (2013). Art cars. In C. Crown & C. Rivers (Eds.), The New encyclopedia of southern culture: Vol. 19. Folk art (pp. 54-56). The University of North Carolina Press.

Shorter works (like articles) reprinted in books

Author(s) of work. (Year). Title of selection. In Editor(s) (Ed(s).), Book title (Edition, Vol. number (if any), p. or pp. page(s)). Publisher. (if given) (Reprinted from Original Citation Information

Jacobs, J. (2018). Beyond the factory model. In G. L. Koonce (Ed.), Taking sides: Clashing views on educational issues (19th ed., pp. 275-80). McGraw-Hill Education. (Reprinted from "Beyond the factory model," 2014, Education Next, 14[4], 35-41).

Stervant, G. (2005). Art history and its exclusions. In J. C. McIntire & D. F. Polinski (Eds.), Critical perspectives on art education (pp. 99-115). Prentice Hall. (Reprinted from Missing: Uncovering art, pp. 1-14, by F. N. White, Ed., 1975, Nova).

Images and other visuals from books

Creator of image or artwork (if given). (Book's Year of publication). Title of artwork, if any [Medium] or [Description, including medium]. Repository of Artwork, Location (if applicable). In Author(s) or Editor(s), Book title (Edition, Vol. number (if any), p. or pp. page(s)). Publisher. (if given) (Original work Year, if applicable).

[Human heart diagram]. (2007). In L. Hamby, Coronary conditions (p. 5). Universe.

Piccato, N. (2009). Fig tree [Painting]. Museum of Historical Art, New York, NY, United States. In F. Wye (Ed.), Art with foliage (2nd ed., p. 34). Nola. (Original work 1795)

[Satellite photographs of light distributions in Maryland]. (2008). In M. Knight, Too light: The effects of light pollution (pp. 392-99). Riley. (Original work 2007)

Citing Electronic Books

Note: Omit page numbers and/or publisher, if not provided.

Ebooks in library databases

(Cite the same as print books, omitting, if not provided, publisher name and/or page numbers).… (if given)

Carillo, E. C. (2018). Teaching readers in post-truth America. University Press of Colorado; Utah State University Press.

Mountain oysters. (2014). In J. F. Mariani, The encyclopedia of American food and drink (2nd ed.). Bloomsbury.

Ebooks from websites

(Cite the same as print books, omitting, if not provided, publisher name and/or page numbers). Website, if different than author or title. (if given) or URL for book or section

American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Anxiety disorders. In Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.).

Brownstein, M. (2019). Implicit bias. In E. N. Zalta (Ed.), The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy (Fall 2019 ed.). Stanford University.

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