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Citation Guide

Cite sources, create annotated bibliographies, and avoid plagiarism.

Citing articles from print periodicals

Articles in journals and magazines

Author(s). (Date). Article title. Journal or Magazine Title, volume number(issue number, if any), page(s).… (if given)

Pfund, R. A., & Ginley, M. K. (2019, Fall). Assessment and treatment of gambling behavior. Journal of Health Service Psychology, 45(3), 81-89.

Saval. M. (2016, October 28). Comedian Rebecca Corry stands up for pit bull terriers. Variety, 325(12), 112.

Watson, J. D., & Crick, F. H. (1953). A structure for deoxyribose nucleic acid. Nature, 171, 737-738.

Articles in daily newspapers

Author(s). (Year, Month day). Article title. Newspaper Title, p. or pp. page(s).… (if given)

Munsey, C., & Shuey, P. J. (1997, May 8). Bomb threats to become felony. The Capital, pp. A1, A6.

Unsigned articles in newspapers

Article title. (Year, Month day). Newspaper Title, p. or pp. page(s).… (if given)

Haley charged. (2009, June 1). Springfield Post, pp. A1, A10.

Editorials and Letters to the Editor

Author. (Date). Title, if any [Editorial or Letter to the Editor]. Newspaper Title, p. or pp. page(s).… (if given)

Beckmann, A. (2018, January 15). State songbirds matter [Letter to the Editor]. The Baltimore Sun, p. D10.

Reviews (of books, films, etc.) in periodicals 

Reviewer Name. (Date). Review title (if any) [Review of the book/film Title, by Author(s), Editor(s), Director, etc.]. Periodical Title, volume(issue) (if any), pages(s).… (if given)

Dargis, M. (2019, October 11). The lower depths rise up [Review of the film Parasite, by B. Joon-ho, Dir.]. The New York Times, p. C1.

Citing online periodical articles and supplements

Note: Omit page numbers if not provided; instead, use Article Numbers, if any.

Periodical articles in library databases

(Cite the same as print articles; omit page numbers, if not given; instead, use Article Numbers, if any).… (if given)

Burunat, E. (2019, August). Love is a physiological motivation (like hunger, thirst, sleep, or sex). Medical Hypotheses, 129, Article 109225.

Articles and supplements from periodical websites

(Cite the same as print articles; include description in brackets to help locate supplements; omit page numbers, if not given; instead, use Article Numbers, if any).… (if given)

Beconyte, G., Eismontaite, A., & Zemaitiene, J. (2014, January 10). Mythical creatures of Europe [Supplemental material: Main map]. Journal of Maps10(1), 53-60. 

Pionke, J. J. (2017). Beyond ADA compliance: The library as a place for all. Urban Library Journal, 23(1), Article 3.

Turkewitz, J. (2019, June 22). Who gets to own the west? The New York Times, p. A1.

Citing blog posts and news site items

Blog posts

Author(s). (Date). Title of post. Blog Title, otherwise, use Periodical Title, if given. (if given) or URL of work cited

Lewis, R. (2020, January 9). Will new knowledge of gender identity genomics counter discrimination? DNA Science.

Items from news sites

Author(s). (Date). Title of article. News Site Name. (if given) or URL 

Illing, S. (2018, April 6). How search engines are making us more racist. Vox.

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