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Citation Guide: Articles - APA

A guide to creating citations for bibliographies and works cited pages

Websites for APA Style Citations

Many of these sites offer information about constructing in-text citations, as well as constructing citations for bibliographies and references lists: 

Periodical Info - APA


  • If the first element of a citation, display author's last name first, followed by first and middle initials
  • Separate names with a comma; use an ampersand (&) before the last author
  • If no author is given, article title appears first, then date


  • Do not abbreviate month names
  • Daily periodicals: (year, month day)
  • Monthly or quarterly periodicals: (year, month or season)
  • Use (n.d.) if no date is provided


  • Article titles and subtitles: capitalize the first word and proper nouns
  • Periodical titles: capitalize all words except articles and prepositions

Issue Numbers 

  • Include issue number, if paginated by issue

Page numbers

  • Newspapers: use p. for one page, pp. for two or more pages
  • Magazines and journals: do not use p. or pp.


  • If given, include the DOI

Electronic Info - APA


  • When available, use a DOI (digital object identifier); look for a DOI at the beginning or end of an online document. Most will start with and will be active links. If the DOI doesn't start with, put doi: in front of it in the citation.
  • For more information, see the DOI website. To see if an article or book has a DOI assigned to it, use

Library Databases

  • For an article, if no DOI is given, use the periodical's homepage URL. If no DOI is provided for an eBook, use the publisher's homepage URL. Do not use direct links to information about specific periodical articles or books, as these links can change. If no website for the publisher or periodical exits, use the databases's homepage URL.
  • For video, audio, and other multimedia resources, use the database's hompage URL.
  • For more help, visit this DOI and URL Flowchart provided by the APA.


  • Provide the homepage URL, rather than the full URL, when an item is easily found with a search. 
  • URLs should not be underlined.


  • If unlikely to change (like articles in library databases, or any works previously or simultaneously published in print), a retrieval date is no longer necessary.
  • Use (n.d.) if no date is given for publication or copyright.


MLA-style and APA-style guidelines change over time, especially for citing sources accessed electronically. This guide incorporates the most up-to-date information about how to cite sources correctly.

If you use a citation generator from a database or website, doublecheck, using this guide, to be sure the generator has used the current rules.

Please Note

Citations should be double-spaced in an actual Bibliography, Works Cited, or References list, and works should be ordered alphabetically by author.

Citing Articles from Print Journals, Magazines, Newspapers - APA

Articles in journals
Author name. (Date). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume number(issue number, if available), page number(s). (if given)

Watson, J. D., & Crick, F. H. (1953). A structure for deoxyribose nucleic acid. Nature, 171, 737-738.

Articles in magazines
Author name. (year, month or month range or season or month and day). Title of article. Title of Magazine, volume number(issue number, when applicable), page number(s). (if given)

Gerry, R. (1997, April-June). Tempo training for freestyle. Swimming Technique, 34(1), 40-42.

Rehder, B. (2007, September 17). Pure muscle and all heart: Ezzy, a doting Pit bull. Newsweek, 150(2), 19.

Articles in daily newspapers
Author name. (year, month day). Title of article. Title of Newspaper, p. or pp. page(s). (if given)

Munsey, C., & Shuey, P. J. (1997, May 8). Bomb threats to become felony. The Capital, pp. A1, A6.

Unsigned articles in newspapers
Title of article. (Year, month day). Title of Newspaper, p. or pp. page(s). (if given)

Haley charged. (2009, June 1). Springfield Post, p. A1, A10.

Editorials and letters to Editors of newspapers
Author name. (year, month day). Title of article [Editorial or Letter to the Editor]. Title of Newspaper
, p. or pp. page(s). (if given)

Beckman, A. (2008, January 15). Why state songbirds matter [Letter to the Editor]. The Sun, p. D10.

Book and film reviews
Reviewer name. (Date). Title of review (if any) [Review of the book/film Title, by author(s), editor(s), or producer(s), director(s), etc., year of release (if a film, DVD, video game, etc.). Title of Periodical, volume(issue), pages(s). (if given)

Maslin, J. (1998, December 11). The causes [Review of the DVD Gang Context, produced by Police Now, 1998]. Reels, 8(4), 45.

Wrathall, J. (2009, February). [Review of the book Fires on Fire, by R. Maddox]. Soundings, 7(2), 57-59.

Citing Articles from Library Databases - APA

Periodical articles from library databases - with DOI
 (Cite as you would articles in print).

(For more information about DOIs, see left, "Electronic Info - APA")

Martin, J., & Tokada, K. (2007, December). Face recognition in chimpanzees. Behavioral Sciences Journal, 21(4), 39-57.

Periodical articles from Library Databases - no DOI
(Cite as you would articles in print, omitting, if not provided, page numbers). Retrieved from hompage URL of the periodical - if none exists, homepage URL of the database

Gerdes, V. (1963). Insuring the flood peril. Journal of Insurance, 33(4), 547-553.  Retrieved from

Spending at Humana trims profit. (2012, May 1). New York Times, p. B2. Retrieved from

Citing Articles from Periodical Websites - APA

Periodicals articles from websites 
(Cite as you would
articles in print, without page numbers if not provided). or Retrieved from periodical hompage URL

Bishop, K. & Kimball, M. A. (2006, Fall). Engaging students in storytelling. Teacher Librarian, 33(4), 28-31. Retrieved from

Muller, C. M. P., Brenner, E., & Smeets, J. B. J. (2009). Maybe they are all circles: Clues and cues. Journal of Vision, 9(9), 1-5.

Online-only periodical supplements
(Cite as you would
articles in print, without page numbers if not provided, including description in brackets after the supplement title, e.g., [Supplemental material], [Audio podcast], [Map], [Letter to the editor]). or Retrieved from peridocial homepage URL

Tatum, D. (2008, April). Depression news [Supplemental material]. Psychiatric Notes, 8(4). Retrieved from

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