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Research Guide to Culinary Arts & Food Science: Library Resources

A list of resources available through Truxal Library for researching culinary arts and food science

Circulating Materials

To find books, audio/visual materials, or print periodicals on your topic, conduct a keyword or subject search in the Library Catalog.

Try synonyms and related terms:

cuisine   OR   diet
cereals   OR   grains
vegetarian   OR   meatless 

From the information you find in the Catalog, be sure to note:

  • the Location of the item in the Library Building 
  • the item's Call Number 
  • whether the item is available or has been checked out

To become more familiar with finding materials in the Library's print collection, here's a guide to using Library of Congress call numbers:

To browse our extensive cookbook collection: 

Nutrition, Foods, Food Supply    TX 341 - 612   
Gastronomy    TX 631 - 641   
Biographies, General Works, etc.    TX 649 - 652.9    
Equipment, Appliances, Utensils, etc.    TX 656 - 658   
Study and Teaching    TX 661 - 669   
Cooking Processes    TX 681 - 693       
Cookbooks - Early to 1800       TX 703 - 713   
Cookbooks - General Collections    TX 714   
Cookbooks - North American     TX 715   
Cookbooks - Latin American     TX 716   
Cookbooks - European    TX 717 - 723.5    
Cookbooks - Jewish    TX 724   
Cookbooks - Asian    TX 724.5   
Cookbooks - Other International    TX 725   
Cookery Using Alcohol    TX 726   
Entertaining & Special Meals    TX 741 - 738   
Holiday Meals    TX 739   
Salads, Canapes, Hors-D'oeuvres, etc.    

TX 740 

Food Presentation & Garnishes    TX 740.5   
Animal Foods    TX 743 - 759   
Baking & Confectionary    TX 761 - 799   
Vegetables    TX 801 - 807   
Cereals    TX 808 - 809   
Fruits & Nuts    TX 811 - 814   
Beverages    TX 815 - 817   
Sandwiches    TX 818   
Condiments, Sauces, etc.   

TX 819

Cookery for Large Numbers    TX 820   
Other Special Varieties of Cookery    TX 821 - 840   
Dining-Room Service    TX 851 - 885

Library Databases

Click on the links below to search for articles from periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.) and for information from electronic books and multimedia resources. From off-campus, you will need to enter the barcode number from the back of your AACC photo ID or Truxal Library card.

Culinary Arts Collection
Articles from major cooking and nutrition magazines, restaurant reviews, industry information, thousands of recipes, and more

MasterFILE Premier
Articles, recipes, and more from periodicals like Better Nutrition, Food Manufacture, Restaurant Hospitality, Prevention, etc.

Academic Search Premier
Articles from journals like Food & Nutrition Research, Agricultural Research, Fork to Farm, Food Industry Economics, and more

SciVerse ScienceDirect
Articles from journals like Appetite, Food Policy, Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, Meat Science, and more

Access Science
Science and technology reference and news

Articles from journals like Nutrition Today and access to Pub-Med Central open-access journals, like Food Science and Nutrition. 

Nutrition, food science, and agriculture-related citations (no full text)

ABC-CLIO eBook Collection
Many books on historical and regional food cultures

Daily Life through History
Information about food cultures throughout the ages

Academic Video Online
Documentaries on food and culture from around the world

Ebook Central
Cookbooks, plus titles on culinary arts, culture, and food science

EBSCO eBook Collection
Many books on food science, culinary arts, and food cultures

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Food: In Conxtet, Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Gale Encyclopedia of Diets: A Guide to Health and Nutrition, and more

Credo Reference
Titles like The Atlas of Food, Benders' Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology, Oddbins Dictionary of Wine, and much more

Searching for Full Text


Use the library's Finding Articles from Citations page, which is part of the Finding Materials from Citations Guide.

For assistance, contact the reference desk at 410-777-2456 or

eBook Spotlight: Food and Culture

You might find the following eBooks useful for researching food and culture. You will need to enter the barcode number from the back of your Truxal Library card to access these resources from off-campus.

Print Reference Materials

Find these materials in the Reference Section of Truxal Library:

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Complete Food and Nutrition Guide  (Ref) RA784 .D89 2017
  • The Atlas of Food: Who Eats What, Where, and Why  (Ref) HD9000.5 .M52 2013
  • Bowes & Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used   (Ref) TX551 .B64 2010
  • CRC Desk Reference for Nutrition  (Ref) QP141 .B523 2011
  • A Cultural History of Food  (Ref) GT2850 .C8528 2012
  • Culinary Biographies  (Ref) TX649 .A1 C85 2006
  • Death Warmed Over: Funeral Food, Rituals, and Customs from Around the World  (Ref) TX725.A1 R637 2004
  • The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion  (Ref) TX349 .H534 2009
  • The Diabetes Carbohydrate & Fat Gram Guide: Quick, Easy Meal Planning Using Carbohydrate and Fat Gram Counts  (Ref) RC662 .H66 2010
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015-2020  (Ref) TX360 .U6 D54 2015
  • DRI, Dietary Reference Intakes: The Essential Guide to Nutrient Requirements  (Ref) QP141 .D75 2006
  • The Elements of Cooking: Translating Chef's Craft for Every Kitchen  (Ref) TX651 .R74 2007
  • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture    (Ref) GT2850 .E53 2003
  • Encyclopedia of Herbs: A Comprehensive Guide to Herbs of Flavor and Fragrance  (Ref) SB351 .H5 T777 2009
  • Encyclopedia of Kitchen History  (Ref) TX653 .S57 2004
  • Exploring Wine  (Ref) TP548 .K578 2010
  • Field Guide to Herbs and Spices: How to Identify, Select, and Use Virtually Every Seasoning at the Market  (Ref) TX819 .H4 G74 2006
  • The Food Chronology: A Food Lover's Compendium of Events and Anecdotes from Prehistory to the Present  (Ref) TX355 .T72 1995
  • The Food Encyclopedia: Over 8,000 Ingredients, Tools, Techniques, and People  (Ref) TX349 .R4564 2006
  • Food in the Ancient World  (Ref) TX353 .A47 2006
  • Food in Early Modern Europe  (Ref) GT2853.E85 A43 2003
  • Food in Medieval Times  (Ref) TX641 .A33 2004
  • Food Plants of the World: An Illustrated Guide  (Ref) QK98.5 .A1 V36 2005
  • Food Safety: A Reference Handbook  (Ref) TX531 .R44 2007
  • Food Security  (Ref) HD9000.5 .P2857 2012
  • The Food Substitutions Bible: More than 5,000 Substitutions for Ingredients, Equipment & Techniques  (Ref) TX652 .J624 2010
  • Foodways  (Ref) F209 .N47 2006
  • GMO Food: A Reference Handbook  (Ref) TP248.65 .F66 N49 2014
  • Grand Livre de Cuisine: Alan Ducasse's Culinary Encyclopedia  (Ref) TX349 .D83 2004
  • The Great Food Almanac: A Feast of Facts from A to Z  (Ref) TX355 .C38 1994
  • Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating: What to Eat in America's Most Popular Chain Restaurants   (Ref) RC662 .W3155 2005
  • International Cuisine  (Ref) TX725 .A1 N46 2009
  • Larousse Gastronomique: The World's Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia  (Ref) TX349 .L365 2009
  • Modern Gastronomy A to Z: A Scientific Gastronomic Lexicon   (Ref) TX631 .M63 2010
  • Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease (Ref) QP141 .M64 2014
  • Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking  (Ref) TX651 .M974 2011
  • The New Complete Book of Food: A Nutritional, Medical and Culinary Guide  (Ref) TX353 .R525 1999
  • New Food Lover's Companion  (Ref) TX349 .H532 2007
  • Nutrition  (Ref) RA784 .N88 2016
  • The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink  (Ref) TX349 .O94 2007
  • The Oxford Companion to Food  (Ref) TX349 .D36 2014
  • The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America  (Ref) TX349 .E45 2013
  • Present Knowledge in Nutrition  (Ref) TX353 .N88 2006
  • The Professional Chef  (Ref) TX820 .P738 2011
  • The Science of Good Food: The Ultimate Reference on How Cooking Works (Ref) TX651 .J62 2008
  • Street Food Around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture  (Ref) TX370 .S77 2013
  • Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Food and Nutrition  (Ref) RA784 .T35 2017
  • The Visual Food Encyclopedia  (Ref) TX349 .E48 1996
  • What to Eat When You're Eating Out: What to Eat in America's Most Popular Chain Restaurants  (Ref) RA784 .W366 2009
  • World Food: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Social Influence from Hunters-Gatherers to the Age of Globalization  (Ref) TX349 .S66 2013

Research Assistance

More ways to get help:


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