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The Research Process: Step 8

An overview of the Research Process, which includes information about search strategies, how to choose and refine topics, kinds of resources, and citing sources


Download Worksheets (PDF) detailing The Research Process.  To view the file, you will need Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from Adobe.

Checklist for Evaluating Websites

Many websites contain reliable information, but anyone can publish a website, so be especially cautious and critical when using Internet information.

Use this checklist to evaluate the quality of internet sites.

NAME OF SITE: _________________________________________

URL/LOCATION: _________________________________________


  • Is there a copyright date?
  • When was the site last updated?



  • Who is authoring the information?
  • Is it clear who sponsors the site and what the sponsor’s purpose is?
  • Is this a recognized organization or individual?
  • Is there information on how to contact them?
  • Is there a list of references?



  • Does the information appear to be accurate (spelling, format, etc.)?
  • Are the webpages easy to navigate, structurally sound, and usable?
  • Can you verify the information elsewhere?
  • Do others in the field review the content of the site?



  • What goals do the pages meet?
  • What biases are reflected in the site?
  • Is the information intended to persuade the audience?
  • Does this site link only to similar points-of-view?



  • Is the Web site still under construction?
  • Does the site provide a comprehensive range of thought and theory on the subject?



  • Is the site relevant to my topic?
  • Is this the best information I can find on my topic?
  • Does this site complement material I have already gathered?

Gather Citation Information

Be sure to gather the information you will need to create citations for these sources.

For Websites

Full name(s) of author(s), editor(s), and/or sponsor(s) of the website:

Title of the website:

Original publication information of any reprinted work:

Date the website was last updated or original date of electronic publication:

Date you accessed the website:

Url address (starts with http://):

Research Assistance

More ways to get help:

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