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PBH 101 (Hammond) Online Library Resources

15-Minute Rule

If you've been working for more than 15 minutes to access library resources and are not making progress, check in with me or my colleagues at the reference desk. We're very familiar with the library's resources and the types of assignments that you're working on, so we can guide you quickly and efficiently. Don't be shy!

You can contact me through Canvas Inbox and by using the "Email Me" button below. For even more convenience, try the library's chat reference service, when available. Just use the chat prompt below–or use the "Chat with Us" button in the left column on any page in this guide–to connect with a person on the library's reference staff who can help answer your questions about accessing and using our resources.

Below the "Chat with Us" button, you'll find other ways to get in touch with reference staff–like by text, email, and phone–and a link you can use to make an appointment to meet with a librarian virtually. Your can also click on the link for "Truxal Library FAQ" to search for an answer to a question you have.

Your Course Librarian

Prof. Brandy Whitlock

If you have questions about research or citation, don't
hesitate to contact me by email or using Canvas Inbox.

Library photo courtesy of Barry Halkin Photography