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Violence Against Women: Bystander Intervention

Resources to educate and inform the AACC community about issues related to violence against women.

One Student

From, a non-profit organization that provides "students and their allies with programs, resources and opportunities to address sexual violence."

Green Dot, etc.

From Green Dot's website: Imagine a map of your campus with many red dots on it. Each red dot represents an act of sexual violence, stalking, bullying, etc.

"A red dot is a rape - a red dot is a hit - a red dot is a threat - a red dot is an individual choice to do nothing in the face of a potentially high risk situation. Now imagine adding a green dot in the middle of all those red dots. A green dot is any behavior, choice, word or attitude that promotes safety for all our citizens...a green dot is pulling a friend out of a high risk situtaion...a green dot is simply your individual choice at any given moment to make our world safer. How many green dots will it take to begin reducing power-based personal violence?"

Culture of Respect

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