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Truxal Library Special Topic Guide: Women’s History Month 2023: Women Around the World

Examining the current issues such as Women’s reproductive rights in the U.S., the Hijab Law in Iran, and banning women from education in Afghanistan with the Truxal Library’s resources

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Voices of Choice

A 25-minute film created by Physicians for Reproductive Health in 2003, Voices of Choice documents the experiences of physicians involved in abortion care and reform prior to the landmark Supreme Court Roe decision in 1973. 

‘Handmaids’ Protest Nationwide

Drawing on imagery from Margaret Atwood’s novel “The Handmaid’s Tale,” the Handmaid Coalition organized demonstrations across the country to call attention to female reproductive rights.

About "Abortion At Sea"

Making abortions illegal does not stop them from happening, but it does stop them happening safely. Meet the charity taking women out to international waters where they can have safe abortions without fear of prosecution.

About "Partial Birth Abortion"

This program discusses the legal, moral, and religious aspects of late second trimester abortions (dilation and extraction). A medical authority claims that politicians invented the propaganda phrase 'partial birth abortion' to advance their anti-abortion agendas. Also includes interviews with two women who had the procedure.

Afghanistan Through Women's Eyes
Afghanistan through Women's Eyes offers an intimate portrait of Afghanistan's silenced women as we see the conflict and history of Afghanistan through their eyes. The film visits the secret schools, orphanages and clinics of RAWA, the Revolutionary Afghan Women's Association, a feminist group that has been working both inside and outside of Afghanistan for many years, struggling for women's rights. Their revolution is through ideas, education and health, and they will not let their voices go unheard.

Afghan Women: A History of Struggle

The tumultuous history of Afghanistan from the perspective of the country's female population, Afghan Women.

Back to Nadia Becoming a "Boy" for Survival in Afghanistan

Returning from the hospital after the suicide bombing that killed her brother, eleven-year-old Nadia has an epiphany: she will pretend to be a boy, assuming her brother's identity and name in order to support her family. In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan where women and girls are not allowed to work outside the home, Nadia spends eleven years masquerading as her brother Esmerai before ultimately escaping to Europe and reclaiming her identity as a female. 'Back to Nadia' is the fascinating story of gender and personal transformation in a society that leaves women with few options for freedom and autonomy.

Afghanistan Undercover

An undercover investigation into the Taliban’s crackdown on women in Afghanistan. Correspondent Ramita Navai finds those being punished by the regime and confronts Taliban officials.

Bemani = بمانی

The plight of Iranian women is detailed in this harrowing drama from Iranian director Dariush Mehrjui. Attempting to escape an arranged marriage with a much older man, a desperate young woman follows the example of her friend and opts for self-immolation. 

Into the Sea

Three women - an Irish surfer, an Iranian snowboarder, and an Iranian diver - decide to introduce surf in Iran. In the Southeastern region, known for its waves, their belief in the values of sport allow them to connect with others and gain a new visibility in the society despite their veil. Surf could also bring economical development to the region.

Iran: Behind the Veil

National Geographic photographer Alexandra Avakian has secured the deepest access to Iran of any U.S. photographer since the 1979 revolution. Alex's unprecedented access gives viewers a glimpse of Iranian life—from the youth culture and the women behind the veils to politically charged prayer meetings and the timeless beauty of this remarkable land.

Women Come Out Of The House

This documentary features Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian activist who won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize award for her efforts promoting human rights in Iran. It presents a realistic picture of shifting identities for Iranian women today and defies stereotypes by showing a variety of Iranian women in rural and urban areas, educated and uneducated, devout and not, young and old - all with strong points of views about what it is like to be a woman in contemporary Iran.

Library photo courtesy of Barry Halkin Photography