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ENG 101 Robinson

Guide to support study of August Wilson's Fences

Citation Basics

A "citation" is basic information about a source (author, title, publisher, date, etc.), which allows the reader (or listener) to access that source.  The words "citations" and "references" are sometimes used interchangeably.  A "citation style" is a standardized method for structuring a citation. 

When using MLA format, you list all of the citations at the end of your paper in a Works Cited page (or, if you are writing an annotated bibliography, the citations are listed in alphabetical order with annotations underneath each).  These citations must be written in proper MLA citation style.


It is best to create source citations as they are discovered during the research process. For guidance on creating your citations in correct MLA style, visit AACC's citation guide, linked below. This guide has citation examples across many formats, from print books to online articles. The examples reflect the types of sources most frequently used by AACC students. 

If your citation question is a little more unusual, MLA's style blog is a great resource for guidance:


Once the Works Cited list is created, then in text citations can be added to guide your reader to the sources. Follows is a document with guidance from AACC's Writing Center:

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