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Truxal Library Special Topic Guide: Social Justice during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Library sources to aid in the study of social justice issues amplified by the COVID-19 crises. By Mea Lee

Truxal Library Special Topic Library Guide: Social Justice during the COVID 19 Pandemic

This exhibit is about how social justice movements like #MeToo, CRT, #StopAsianHate, etc. have been highlighted and challenged people’ minds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

#MeToo Movement:

#MeToo is a social movement originating among women, advocating for survivors of sexual harassment or violence to speak out about their experiences in order to expose and combat various forms of sexual


#CRT--Critical Race Theory:

CRT is a conceptual framework that considers the impact of historical laws and social structures on the present-day perpetuation of racial inequality: first used in legal analyses, and now applied in education, communication studies, and


#StopAsianHate Movement:

#StopAsianHate is the name of anti-Asian-violence rallies which have been held across the United States in 2021 in response to racism against Asian Americans related to the COVID-19 pandemic, or in short is a response to the

AACC Community Quilt Project


As an expression of AACC’s commitment to access, diversity, equity, and inclusion (ADEI), the AACC Community Quilt is a community art project led by AACC’s Radical Knitting Club (see below), Truxal Library, and the Gender and Sexuality Studies program, and with co-sponsorship from the IDEAL Office, Visual Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies, the Curriculum Transformation Project, the Gay Straight Alliance student cluband the Student Government Association. The quilt will be constructed out of quilt blocks created by individuals throughout our AACC community during workshops held throughout the yearVolunteers will then assemble the quilt blocks into a large and growing community quilt that will be displayed in Truxal Library.   

The Quilt-Making Workshops and Discussions: 

The quilt-making workshops and discussions are designed to educate, facilitate conversation, inspire action around social justice, and cultivate creative expression. As such, each hour and a half workshop will follow a similar schedule which will provide information on art activism, how-to instructions on creating a quilt block, and an inspiring reading with discussion to cultivate intellectual exchange and community building. Our first workshop and discussion will be hosted on Zoom, but future workshops will be face-to-face or hybrid.   

The Schedule for October 13th:    

Join Zoom Meeting   

2-2:15: Welcome and Explanation of the AACC Community Quilt  

2:15-2:30: Presentation by Professor Shana Cooperstein 

Title: “Sewing” Change: Knitting, Quilting and Contemporary Craftivism   

Abstract: Needles, bobbins, thread: the most innocuous household items are no longer what they “seam.” Skills that were once devalued as “women’s work” now propel social justice movements around the world. Join me to learn more about the artists at the center of contemporary “craftivism.” 

2:30-2:40: How-To Tutorial on Basic Quilt-Block Making Techniques 

2:40-3:15: Listen, Discuss, and Craft: 

As we work on our quilt blocks we will be read to by our Radical Reader, Professor Forrest Caskey, who will read a passage from an inspiring text related to LGBTQ activism. After listening to the passage, we’ll discuss the reading as we continue to work on our quilt blocks 

3:15-3:30: Show and Tell: 

Participants will be invited to show their quilt block and explain their message.  


#Metoo--How can I help?


#StopAsianHate--How can I help?


#CRT--A lesson on Critical Race Theory

Library photo courtesy of Barry Halkin Photography