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Truxal Library Special Topic Guide: Veterans Appreciation Month 2023: Beyond the Uniform

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Videos About Military Life and Transitions.


"A New Uniform." , directed by Anonymous , produced by Great Big Story. , Cable News Network (CNN), 2017. Alexander Street, When veterans Christian Anschuetz and Casey McEuin left the armed services, they were surprised by the difficulties veterans encountered while transitioning to civilian and corporate life. So they made it their mission to help companies recognize the valuable job skills and leadership training that veterans bring to the workplace. Now, through an organization they’re building together, Anschuetz and McEuin are bringing corporate executives and combat veterans together for mutual training and mentorship. They’re giving veterans the chance to wear a new kind of uniform. This Great Big Story is a paid contribution by JCPenney. Shop Collection by Michael Strahan at JCPenney.

Making the Transition from Service to Entrepreneurial Citizen. Series Synopsis - A comprehensive educational video series featuring 12 highly successful Veteran entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and best practices in starting and growing a business after service. These individuals that went to war and transitioned into entrepreneurship calling upon the skills and practices learned in combat and in training to build companies. Episodic (or chapter) Synopsis EPISODE - Introduction – Meet all the players and overview of all content – 7 minutes Chapter 1 – Making the Transition from Service to Entrepreneurial Citizen – Dealing with and overcoming the psychological challenges of going from battle to business. 6 minutes. Chapter 2 - Business Planning – Steps, thinking and elements of planning to start and grow 7 minutes Chapter 3 – Financing – Where to go, how to make the ask and resources available to Vets 5 minutes Chapter 4 – Marketing – Defining what it is, designing a proper marketing program, sources to tap for advertising and communicating. 6 minutes Chapter 5 – Hiring – How to find and secure good people that will be in tune with your organization and help implement growth. 6 minutes Chapter 6 – Federal Contracting – How to find work from the government and create presentations and contracts that will increase success in landing the business. 6 minutes Chapter 7 – Networking – Revealing what is out there for the Vet to take advantage of a variety of networks and how to take advantage of them. – 5 minutes Chapter 8 – Customer Service – The featured Vet entrepreneurs share strategies to keep clients satisfied, coming back and referring your business. 6 minutes. Chapter 9 – Growing Your Business – Philosophies and strategies on Scaling a business. From planning, goals to prep and implementation. 7 minutes Chapter 10 – Inspiration – Words and thoughts that will lift the viewer and serve as a true source of comfort and inspiration. 3 minutes

"TAPS." , directed by Don Godish. , produced by Tabitha Safdi, Stacy Pearsall, and Will Kimbrough. , Public Broadcasting Service, 2022. Alexander Street, Stacy Pearsall sits down for a candid conversation with three fellow veterans who help service men and women overcome the challenge of transitioning back to civilian life. They reveal the trials and tribulations of returning home after action.

Library photo courtesy of Barry Halkin Photography